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Artistic Biography

Born in 1953 in Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev, Israel. In his younger years studied in Argentine in the school of the painter Andre Lhote and the sculptor Antoine Bourdeille ( August Rodin’s student). Later, when returning to Israel, he was student with painters Moshe Agmon, Rafi Lavi, Ran Shechori and Osvaldo Romberg.


2018: Topological painting, portraits, Tova Osman art gallery.

2008: Variations on the history of art, Tel Aviv Artists House.

2006: Myth Paintings – The Artist’s Residence, Herzelia.

2004: Portraits from Theater – Habima Theater, Tel- Aviv.

2003: Bialik: Portraits of the soul – Bialik Museum, Tel- Aviv.

2001: Painting & Sketching at the Gallery – Amailia Arbel Gallery, Tel- Aviv (together with A. Kosovwsky and I. Bar-Kamda).

1999: A Concert in Painting (together with M.Bar-Am) – Theatronetto Festival & Bi-Artist – Habima Theater and Jerusalm Theater.

1998: Bonjour Monsieur Buchoni – Efrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

1991: Metamorphosis – Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

1988: Mimesis- Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

1987: The Artist’s Center – Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv.

1987: Yad Lebanim Gallery, Tel –Aviv.

1976: Yad Haoman Gallery, Jaffa.

1975: Yad Lebanim Gallery, Petach Tikva.

1970: Yad Lebanim Gallry, Petach Tikav.

1967: Beit Haam, Beer-Sheva.


One of the initiators and founders of the group “Dispute in Art” – Heinekan Club, Habima Theater, Tel-Aviv (2000)

אודות יגאל ורדי

Published the following books by Yedioth Books:

Books in Art:

  • Mimesis – The Psychology of Modern Painting, 1996.

  • Skitsa (Sketch) – Instructions for Drawing and Training the Artist, 2004.

  • Viva Picasso, An Aesthetic Interpretation of his Art, 2007.

  • Metamorphosis – Paintings Along the Way, 2014.

Books in Psychology and Philosophy:

  • The Wisdom of the Soul to Heal Itself – Personality and Psychopathology, 1998.

  • Handwriting as a Mirror of the Soul – Graphology and Behaviorial Sciences, 2000.

  • The Secret of Luck in Management – A Guide to Executive Development, 2005.

  • The Philosophy of Insanity – The Philosophical Guide to Life, 2009.

  • The Personality Collage, A Synergetic Theory of Personality, 2013.

  • The Worm and the Dragon, The Psychopathology of the Nazi Evil, 2015.

  • Why Was The Buddha Wrong, Zen and The Art of Dishwashing, 2018.

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