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Vardi presents a type of painting that reflects reality as a new and homogeneous writer that can accommodate different painting styles, from the classic to the contemporary. His paining portfolios contain more than a thousand works of art and hundreds of drawings.

Igal Vardi - By Prof. Ran Shechori

Ygal Vardi claims for a fluent balanced flow between eye – brain – hands. The processes of assimilation, control and action are essential to the existence of the artwork. As a psychologist and graphologist, Ygal spends half of his life in well founded, based on proof and reasoned “reading” and ”writing”; his painting tries to look spontaneous, accidental, arbitrary, naturally flowing, intuitive, light and quick. But, at its foundation, lies a vast knowledge of past styles and trends, of techniques, approaches and standpoints. Sometimes, the rational, structural element overpowers his painting, like in the series Metamorphosis and Transformations, in which a like-scientific arrangement strategy was used to submit the painting into a series of quadrangles. Sometimes, the chaotic motive wins and surges out, especially in the canvases seemingly impressionistic, and in his consistent tendency to the expressive and to painting the action, which reaches its wet, moist, immediate and ecstatic peek in his performance on stage in a turbulent, theatrical “show”.

Prof. Ran Shechori

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"The formation of a painting reveals fundamental structures, which are schemes of seeing and representing reality gradually, and they constitute a march towards realism". Igal Vardi, Mimesis: The Psyc